14    x 20 acrylc on board with attached wood frame. The back is finished with acrylic and a hang wire.  Both front and back are sealed.  (The story below is affixed to the back of the painting.)


The Reedy River Pirates Band has been part of local folklore since about 1786 when Greenville, SC was established.  The story has persisted as party goers along the river bank insist they see, on foggy nights, an apparition, a ghostly outline of a pirate ship floating quietly on black waters, a faded vision of limp sails and slack lines and shadowy figures on deck, playing music!

Most often their sound is soulful and sad but sometimes, when the moon is full, the music bcomes most joyful, not unlike the Zydeco sounds of New Orleans!

Listen and watch, on those densely foggy nights along the river bank, and, if lucky, you will hear the music of 

                                    " The Reedy River Pirates Band..."